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Trade Secret Practice Areas

A trade secret is business information, sometimes called "know-how", that is of value and  generally held private by a company. If a company takes the necessary precautions, the trade secret is protected from unauthorized exploitation. Anyone who obtains access to the information through improper means will be prohibited from using the information. 


Since there is no registration or certificate, ultimately the only way to deteremine if a trade secret has been misappropriated is in a court. To enhance ones success in proving a trade secret mean diligent efforts every business day to guard and keep your know-how protected. Establishing and auditing these safeguards is a service we provide to our clients. For a further discussion on trade secrets click here.


Our practice in this area provides our client with advice in the following areas designed to protect their "business know-how":


         Non-Disclosure Agreements

         Technology Licensing

         Joint Development Agreements

         Strategic Relationship Agreements

         Employment Agreements

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