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Examples of Typical Client Assignments

Branding and Internet Law Enforcement
Health beverage company protecting its brand identity and licensing its formulations. We have successfully enforced their brand trademarks against numerous internet cybersquatters  and infringers.


Trademark and Copyright Litigation
Specialty apparel maker protecting its intellectual property by creating a portfolio of registered copyrights and trademarks. We have successful enforced those rights against over a dozen infringers, obtaining monetary settlements and injunctions.


ITC Section 337 Investigations

Defended importers of printer supplies in ITC complaint from major inkjet manufacturer.

Patent Litigation  

Co-counsel in several patent litigation actions where our client asserted its patent rights in the United States and Europe for intelligent control technologies. The cases were successfully concluded using ADR techniques to achieve a settlement and negotiation of a license for the technology.

Successfully defended two clients against an International Trade Commission action bought by a major multinational company concerning patent infringement and importation of ink cartridges for pc printers. Both clients were able to reach favorable settlements using ADR.


Patent Prosecution
Start-up technology company in aerospace industry which has successfully launched a private commercial rocket to carry payloads into space. Our work involved patent filing related to their proprietary technology for carrying payloads.

Some other representative patent applications we have prepared include medical device, audio-visual technologies, and motorcycle components.

Franchise Law

Franchise agreement disputes representing franchisees in unfair trade practices claims against franchisor and defending against breach of contract claims.

Class Action against franchisor by group of franchisees.





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